How Much Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Win in a Road Accident Case

As you probably know motorcycle crashes outnumber vehicle road accidents in the US and are one of the most common reasons for legal personal injury compensation demands. Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to get severely injured or even die than passengers and drivers of four-wheeled vehicles. Although the majority of these accidents happen in California, this post will try to show you an overview of the motorcycle road accident situation in the entire country.

Only during 2017, nearly 124,000 motorcycles were involved in minor and major crashes. About 6 of every 10,000 registered motorcycles was involved in a fatal road accident. Stay protected by avoiding speeding, driving in bad weather conditions, driving under the influence of drugs and alcoholic substances, or driving when your motorcycle is malfunctioning. These are the most common reasons for the occurrence of a road accident leading to a severe personal injury or even fatality.

More than 1,000 deadly accidents were prevented because of helmets and other protective gear, so make sure you are fully equipped with those before you hit the road for extra safety. If you fail to wear them and get injured on the road, even the best attorney Lake Elsinore, CA may not be able to get you a decent compensation if you cannot prove that you have protected yourself by not being negligent towards the required safety gear by law.

The average cost of post accidental recovery is estimated to be more than $50,000. That includes hospital expenses, lost days at work, motorcycle repair budget, post-accident anti-stress treatment, etc. In order to be able to cover those, you will definitely need to hire a reliable personal injury attorney like Accident Lawyer Lake Elsinore. Only a licensed and experienced lawyer can prove the other drivers’ negligence and earn you a decent amount of money. For more info on how that’s normally done, and all the legal procedures involved in a road accident case, call (951) 293-4286!

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